VROCKPOKEY: Spawns Race cars

OLDSPEEDDEMON: Spawns Derby cars

TRUEGRIME: Spawns beater cars (They're not the same as Derby cars)

EXHAUSTED: Teleport to your waypoint

GOURANGA: Complete any sub-mission you are on

SJMAHPE: Recruit anyone you aim

ANVIL: Super Punch

KANGAROO: Super Jump

BUNNY: Super Speed

HESOYAM: Refill health and Armor, gain 250K$ and if you are in one, repair vehicle

ANOSEONGLASS: adrenaline effects

ANEYEFORANEYE: Benzoylmethylecgonine effects

SPEEDFREAK: All cars have nitrous

TITTYSTREET: All pedestrians are females

NOFEMINISMALLOWED: All pedestrians are males

ELSHAKE: Gives the player Class A weapon (9mm, Shotgun, Tec9, M16, Rifle and Molotovs)

SKETCHLAND: Gives the player Class B weapons (Deagle, Sawnoff shotgun, Mac10, AK47, Sniper Rifle and Grenades)

ZOUZOUNIA: Gives the player Class C weapons (Silenced 9MM, Combat Shotgun, SMG, CS6 Recon (Buy NERF, made more realistic), Kar98K and Satchels)

BULLBAR: The car you are driving is tough and heavy

CORNERSLIKEMAD: The car you are driving is slimy/prone to oversteer

CORNERSSUCK: The car you are driving is prone to understeer

IWANTMYMONEYBACK: Get all your money back from your recent purchase, if you have not purchased anything, a mugger spawns behind you and he steals all your money, after that, you can re-enter the cheat to get all your money back

IHATEBALTIMORE: Spawns an Otto's Autos Rumpo

CALLNINEONEONE: Spawns a Police Sentinel VierTur

PICKMEUP: Spawns a Taxi Zirconium Shuttle (Skoda Octavia)


ANGRYRANTS: Pedestrians attack/scream, unlike other games, this cheat can be deactivated.

BULLYINGEVERYWHERE: Pedestrians try to kill you, unlike other games, this cheat can be deactivated.

GASPEDAL: Game speed increases

BRAKE: Game speed decreases

AHOYMEN: Spawns a Pirates Picador

SETTHEGIRLFREE: Spawns a Pirates Jetmax


TOODAMNHOT: Resets weather to clear



CATSANDOGS: Rain level 1


SPRINGINSCOTLAND: Fog and rain level 1

SCOTTISHSUMMER: Fog and rain level 3

YEAH: Gives you 1000$

TURNUPTHEHEAT: Wanted level rises (1star)

TURNDOWNTHEHEAT: Wanted level falls (1star)

BRINGITON: Full wanted level (6 stars)

LEAVEMEALONE: Clear wanted level

GITIEITOO: Plays the "Respect Is Everything" motto from GTA2

ZAIBATATSU: Spawns a Zaibatsu Z-Type

RUSSKIY: Spawns a Russian Mafia Willard

KRISHNALALA: Spawns a Krishna Exemplar

YAKUZADOKIDOKI: Spawns a Yakuza Monroe

LOONIESTUNING: Spawns a Loonies Hermes (Holden Efijy)

REDNECKBUILDING: Spawns a Redneck Xanadu (Pontiac Aztek)

SCIENTISPERIMENT: Spawns a Scientists Patriot

OHNO: Lose 1000$

BEGOVIC/BAGUVIX: Invulnerability* (*??? (You will still take falling damage))

LUNAR: Low Gravity

MARTIAN: High Gravity

MADAILAND: Spawns a Mad Island Bobcat

ALMAMATER: Spawns a Prison Rumpo


There are downsides of cheating in When Gangsters Attack

Cheating increases chance of Spanish Lords attacking Vice City (When you are in Vice City)

Achievements will be disabled in that session, to re-enable achievements, get wasted/busted/reload the save game that you put the cheat on.

In Little Greece (Mission), when you get on the chase scene, your car turns pink and catches fire.

In "Destroy This Troy", when you meet DeTorrus, landmines will be scattered everywhere in Dillimore, thus killing Costas and destroying his car

In Vigero Restoration, when you enter SPEEDFREAK, the Vigero will run out of fuel

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