Name: Chinook
Capital: Dryden
Governor: Robert Weeks
Population: 3,970,239 - 2015, est
Size: 98,381 sq mi
Established: January 25, 1860
Motto: "Nisi ~ Unless (in latin)"

Chinook is a state in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States of America. Chinook is most well known for its two staples of industry: Trees & Technology. The eastern part of the state is home to many tech powerhouses while the western part is dominated by the logging industry. Chinook was also considered the most "Lumberjackiest" state in a 2014 survey. Its largest city is Roseport.


  • Roseport County
    • The City of Roseport - The largest city in the state. Known for being one of the most ecofriendly cities in the world and having the most mild-mannered criminal organizations (Gentelemen clubs, as dubbed by the local residents and the press) of the United States.
  • Dryden County
    • The City of Dryden - Home to many elderly people from the midwest or anywhere else. On the flipside also home to the largest music festival in the United States, Fodor. Coincidence?
    • The Town of Oak Bay
  • Fairfield County
    • The City of Jemison - This city's unofficial nickname "Prison Hill" explains it all. (It's been home to the largest federal prison, Cardin State Penitentiary since 1927)
    • The Town of Brooklard
  • Morrison County
    • The City of Tyrone
    • The Town of Caldwell - Every states got a blue collar town. This is it, once home to the largest shipbuilding industry on the west coast. From the forties until the early-eighties iron ship builders would take to the streets and cross over Finney Hill to work on their ships. In 1983 the Miller Shipbuilding Company closed up, leaving many working men in the city without a job.
  • Morgan County
    • The City of Walton
  • Shannon County
    • The Town of Fleetwood
  • Victoria County
    • The Town of Anthill
  • Austin County
    • The Town of Artin Falls


  • This state is based off Oregon.
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