Game: Grand Theft Auto: New Leaf
For: Cecilia Cassidy
Location: Vete de Aquí CyberCrime Office, Johnston County
Target: Yutes
Conditions of mission failure: Wasted
Gaining a wanted level
Cecilia is killed
Reward: $4000
Unlocks: An Axe to Grind
Unlocked by: The Lost Pick

Compromised is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: New Leaf given by Cecilia Cassidy to Samantha Douglas.


Samantha meets with Cecilia in her office and they discuss Pandora's release as Audrey arrives in the office proclaiming that someone is selling data and classified documents to the Yutes so that the operation can be compromised. Sam asks who the thief is and Audrey tells her that seller isn't important as the buyers already of the document and that the buyers are the Yutes. Sam decides to get a reclaim the documents and apprehend the buyers.

Cecilia comes with her and they get in Sam's car as they drive off to airstrip and ambushes the Yutes meeting with the #PURIFIERS. Cecilia identifies the two leaders of the Yutes as the Yutes' former Lieutenant (former Pilot and Co-Pilot) after they previous boss was murdered aboard his plane. Sam immediately suspects her brother while they fight through the airstrip and chase the Lieutenant/Pilots. The two of them apprehend the suspect and attempt to take them in but Pandora arrives in a Terrorbyte while a Volatol bombs the area and decimates the airstrip a long with most of the Yutes. Sam and Cecilia manage to destroy the stolen files while taking the Yutes new boss to the office.


  • Go to the Airstrip.
  • Fight through the airstrip and apprehend the Yutes' Lieutenant/Pilots</color font>.
  • Destroy the stolen files.
  • Get to the Office.


Samantha receives $4000 following the completion of this mission and unlocks An Axe to Grind.