Games: L&S MiniLogo
Locations: Vice City
Leaders: Alessandro Vivaldi
Stuart Walker
Eric Knudsen
Francesca Verhoeven
Charles Koch (advisor)
Type: Coalition
Affiliations: Tacconi Crime Family (observer)
Israeli Mob (observer)
Businesses: Insurance Fraud
Real Estates
Money Laundering
Luxurious Cargo
Fronts: Landmark Residential Tower

The Concatenatio (latin for The Connection) is a business coalition between four minor European families:

  • Italian Vivaldi Crime Family, the founder family under Alessandro Vivaldi
  • British Firms led by Stuart Walker
  • Rødt Syndikat led by Eric Knudsen
  • The Belgian Milieu (formerly known as Benelux Group) led by Francesca Verhoeven

Under the supervision of Tacconi Crime Family and Israeli Mob, the coalition quickly grew up into one of major players in Vice City underworld.

All the four families rely their financial by legal business such as insurance fraud, real estates, entertainments, antiques, art, animal materials, and export/import. Drugs and alcohol was prohibited within the four family, as they aware it would affects their members and reputations. They also uninterested to arms trafficking, to avoid direct conflict with other gangs, especially the Haitians.

The coalition featured as a minor antagonist in Light & Shadow.


In order to maintain their profits while limited by the peace treaty, the don of Vivaldi Family Alessandro Vivaldi came up with a deal with three other small European families to unite in one coalition where they can share their resources to expand their business.

However, some members of their overseer, including don Maurice from the Tacconi believe the coalition is too unpredictable. Some are suspicious that the coalition was a strategy to take them down.

Vivaldi Crime Family

Starting as a small group of ex-Camorra led by Alessandro Vivaldi, it eventually taken by Maurice Tacconi under his wing as the future prospect of Italian Mafia in Vice City. _.

Known members of the Vivaldi Crime Family:

  • Alessandro "Artist" Vivaldi — Don of Vivaldi Crime Family and main leader of Concatenatio.
  • Matteo Perruchi — Underboss
  • Francesco Galliani — Capo
  • Lucas Lamacchia — Soldier

British Firms

Probably the most smallest among every major syndicates in Vice City in term of their number, British Firms is a small crew of 30-50 men from United Kingdom and Ireland. Despite their quantity, they're superior in pulling major operations such as bank robbery and advanced tech. The British Firms specialized in pulled up heist, cybercrime, and cyberterrorism.

Known members of the British Firms:

  • Stuart Walker — Ex-terrorist strategist for a group known as Clockwork in London. Founder and head of British Firms and lead planner for the coalition operations.
  • Charles Koch — Second in-command and advisor for the coalition leaders.
  • Emre — Third in-command with a Turkey descent

Rødt Syndikat

The Red Syndicate (Danish: Rødt Syndikat) is a gang originated from Glostrup suburb in Copenhagen, a place ranked as the most violent place in Denmark in 2009. Most of their members are ex-prisoner released after their incarceration whose still have a passion in doing crimes.

They’re notorious for their brutality and extreme violent punishments for failures and traitors. The muscle of Concatenatio.

They recruit members with Scandinavian countries nationalities. 

Known members of the Rødt Syndikat:

  • Eric Knudsen — Head of the Rødt Syndikat.
  • Joshua Laudrup — High-rank member.

The Belgian Milieu/Benelux Group

No much know about their formation except it was initially founded by Dutch-American criminals in their homeland and later expanded to Belgium and Luxembourg as they controlling their underground economy. Due to new rivalry with French Milieu and polices, the group were forced to have a small part of Belgium as their last turf. One of their member, Leopold Verhoeven then recreate the group under the name of The Belgian Milieu.

Leopold decide to move to Vice City in 2014, as he has a connection there and seek for more "freedom".

A year before they move, Leopold married his lover Francesca Mertens, a renowed criminologist and writer. Francesca didn’t know that Leopold was a criminal at the time and Leopold tried hard to cover the truth. When she discover it however, she help her husband to ran the families together instead. Francesca became the family boss immediately after Leopold died on June 2016 (a conspiracy theory said that she poisoned her husband as she cannot wait longer to rule the family).  

Their members came from Benelux countries and France

Known members of The Belgian Milieu:

  • Francesca Verhoeven (nee Mertens) — Head of The Belgian Milieu
  • Alexander Bressers — Francesca' personal lawyer