All games go through development and have BETA versions. Grand Theft Auto: Danger Zone is no exception. The following is a list of cut/changed content removed before the game's release.


  • The Meeting was orginally called Welcome Home.
  • Death Toll was originally called Toll Booth Trouble.


  • Paulo was originally introduced in Chapter I. 
  • A Biker, named Phil along with his gang were cut entirely. He is re-introduced in Revelations


  • A new vehicle by the name of Ghost XF, was removed. 
  • The Submersible was removed
  • The Hellenbach was removed
  • The Bagger was removed


  • The Flamethrower was cut.
  • The Minigun was cut late in development. This was because of the new aim for realistic weapons, and a handled minigun does not exist. However, their are mounted miniguns on some helicopters.
  • The Golf Club was removed.


  • New Hamilton City was originally smaller and was called Rockmount City.
  • Smog was originally a weather condition
  • The Golf Minigame was removed.