Here are the list of changed/cut contents before the final release of the game in Grand Theft Auto: San Nicola:


  • "A Day at the Beach" was originally titled "Son of a Beach"
  • The mission "Silent Sniper" was originally titled "Stealth"
  • "All about the Money" was originally titled "Money Raid"


  • The Stun Gun was cut.
  • The M249 was originally dark blue as can be seen in early screenshots (black in final version)
  • Binocular is cut.


  • A vehicle under the name Shredder M4 was cut very early in development. Existence about how the vehicle looked like is unknown, however, one of the sound files can still be found in the PC version named "shredder-idle" in the folder "shredder"
  • Some classic vehicles such as Kuruma from GTA III was going to return but was eventually cut.

Radio Stations

  • A radio station named "Dubstep FM" was cut.


  • There was going to be another small island just in the corner of Vice City and the player would ride a boat (or take a helicopter/plane) to get to it. It has been cut, but there is a mod that returns the small island based on the old concepts.
  • The fishing pond at Tianta was cut, replaced by a park.
  • Tianta was going to be bigger.


  • Grand Theft Auto: San Nicola was originally titled "Vice Strips Stories". The name "Vice Strips Stories" was kept in Australia regions.
  • The feature "Custom Missions" was cut. "Custom Missions" would have allowed players to create their own custom story missions for the game. It's unknown why it's cut.
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