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Crew Not Expendable
Game: Grand Theft Auto: New Leaf
For: Cecilia Cassidy
Location: CyberCrime Division Office near Brimstone Avenue, Charming, Johnston County
Target: Cyberterrorist
Conditions of mission failure: Wasted
Harming citizens of Charming
Gaining a wanted level
Killing the Cyber-Terrorist or his crew
Reward: $4000
the ability to commandeer vehicles without getting a wanted level
Sam gains a Taser
Sam is able to use the Taser without receiving a wanted level
Unlocks: Shocking Produce
Unlocked by: Arrest for the Wicked

Crew Not Expendable is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: New Leaf given by FIB Agent Cecilia Cassidy to Samantha Douglas.


Sam meets with Cecilia in her office and learns that Cecilia is aware of the attack on her Mansion and the actions her took as Vincent took her on a wild goose chase. She promises to wipe all evidence if she agrees to become a part of Cecilia's Team and will make sure that Vincent stays behind bars to protect her. Sam accepts the terms and become apart of the CyberCrime Division. Cecilia decides to test her but telling her about a cargo ship in Lake Lincoln and is used to send goods through the surrounding states of Lincoln. She orders her to apprehend the captain as he is a Cyberterrorist and the ship is a front. Sam explains that the Mob is hunting for her but Cecilia tells her not worry as the Mob is already on the FIB Watchlist and acting against the FIB would be suicide at this point for them plus she is being transported by helicopter.

She leaves with the pilot and he flies her to the near the Cargo ship and tells her to take the boat across the water as the target would likely shot him down. So she uses the boat to head to the cargo ship and enters the ship. She uses the taser to take down the first guard while following the next guard and subduing him. After making her way around the deck; she goes up to the bridge and confronts the Cyberterrorist and knocks him out with the taser as the Coast Guard arrive to apprehend the terrorist and his guards as Sam boards the helicopter and they return to Charming.


  • Go to the Cargo ship.
  • Subdue the guards don't use lethal weapons.
  • Go to the Bridge.
  • Subdue the Cyberterrorist don't use lethal weapons.


Samantha is given $4000 as her monetary reward while being able to commandeer vehicles or use the taser without gaining a wanted level.