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Cutting Ties
Game: Grand Theft Auto: New Leaf
For: Samantha Douglas
Location: Akula Hill, Caldwell
Target: BlueTech Employer
Conditions of mission failure: Wasted
BlueTech Employer is killed or injured
Reward: None
Unlocks: Recon the Mansion
Unlocked by: Douglas Enterprises

Cutting Ties is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: New Leaf and is conducted independently by the protagonist; Samantha Douglas.


Samantha contacts the BlueTech Employer and tries to tell him that it was her father-in-law that sent the email and she doesn't even know what he said. BlueTech advisors her to read the email and also tells her that he doesn't believe her. She looks through the email showing him that she was killing Kloud Krew members with a caption telling the Employer that he is next and calls him back so they can talk but instead he think she is trying to kill him and threatens to call cops if she comes near him.

Samantha goes over to BlueTech and encounters the cops. She denies sending the email and tells them that they were trying to attack her residence and she was defending herself. One of the cops recognise her from the Burger Shot Heist and decides to let her prove her innocents by tracking the location email was sent from and proves that it was sent by Vincent Douglas. A Benson crashes through the police cars and nearly hits Samantha but crashes into BlueTech with the top of the container being ripped off it. The driver is shot by police before he can say anything and everyone runs from the area. While the store is cornered off; Sam asks for the Employer's location and finds him driving off from Burger Shot.

Sam goes after him and tries to explain the truth but he is too convinced that she is out to kill him that he isn't listening to his words and eventually forces her to stop by driving over the train tracks as the train is in on approach. She receives a call from Vincent telling her stay away from BlueTech and not try to reclaim her job as he'll pin corporate espionage charges on Tristan. She tells to stop controlling her and that she'll work wherever she wants, but Vincent's tells her that she can work wherever she wants just not workplaces like BlueTech. She hangs up on him and leaves the area.


  • Go to BlueTech.
  • Go to Burger Shot.
  • Stop the BlueTech Employer.


  • Benson Driver - Killed by Caldwell Police.


As this mission is scripted to fail; there is no monetary reward but Sam no longer has access to BlueTech or their vehicles.