Da Breatherz
GTA Carcer City - Da Breatherz Logo
Typical 'DBZ' Graffiti
Games: Grand Theft Auto: Carcer City
Locations: Rocksnorth Bay, Carcer City
Leader: Joshua 'Blade' Suttie
Type: Youth Street Gang
Enemies: ?
Colors: Yellow and Black Pinstripe
Weapons: Knife, Bat, Spray Can, Pistol
Businesses: Gambling, Rap Music
Fronts: Convenience Stores, Skate Parks
Members: 121

Da Breatherz (The Breathers, Breedas, or DBZ), are a primarily youth-based street gang located in Rocksnorth Bay, Carcer City, who are prospecting hopefuls, juvenility growers, and children of members in the main gang known as the Gangsmen MC. Like their maturer parent gang, they wear black and yellow pinstripe as their representative Gang colors. They are featured in Grand Theft Auto: Carcer City.



Social Media

Being youthful and living in the millennial age, they are heavily represented on social media and regularly post their criminal and destructive exploits online, generally through illegal rap music videos.

Music Industry

Da Breatherz had established and operated the prosperous multi-platinum gangsta rap record label Breathe Distributions Ltd in January of 1998, showcasing many talents and promoting countless Carcerian hip-hop careers until the company and its assets were legislatively seized in June of 2018 during the scandalous 2018 Carcer City Police Raids.


To make a quick cash grab, members will occasionally raid stores by driving vehicles through the window of establishments or into ATM machines.


As part of their initiation ritual, members are tasked with hunting down and murdering innocent homeless people.

Knife Attacks

To make a statement, members will attack an individual in broad daylight with a variety of knives inflicting devastating wounds before dispersing unfound. Template:Gangs in GTA Carcer City