Da Silva Enterprises
Games: L&S MiniLogo
Locations: Vice City
Great Deer Key
Leader: Francis Da Silva
Type: Brazilian crime syndicate
Christian new religious movement
Affiliations: "The Third Side"
Colors: Dark Green, White
Members: Francis Da Silva
Felipe Da Silva

Da Silva Enterprises was a crime syndicate from São Paulo, Brazil. A crime syndicate divided into two different world of car theft and drug dealing ring situated in Vice City; and a radical religious movement in Great Deer Key. They're featured as one of main antagonist gang in Light & Shadow.


Around 1988, Francis Da Silva joined his old friend, Rodrigo whose a priest in a church in a remote settlement somewhere in Amazon forest. Rodrigo formed a new religious movement known as Igreja das Árvores or the IDÁ (Portuguese of Church of The Trees) with their own bible which was a combined conclusion of all bible canons. Rodrigo himself was an expert in biblical studies and claim that the bible today was very distorted. The movement growing rapidly as more follower join. At this point, the IDÁ remain as a "peace lover" community until Rodrigo sudden death in 1990, Francis rose to power as the movement leader.

Francis, who grew up in a catholic school and criminal background, modify the movement direction and bible to make crime as something "blessed and cursed", divides the movement as two organization: the IDÁ which was now a radical cult and the Da Silva Enterprises as a crime syndicate. This time, Francis continued to build up the two organization, with new members mainly come from cartels or escaped convicts from various prisons.

To expand their influences, Francis move to his home city São Paulo in 1998 and quickly become one of the main player, through they almost lost the war against various rising powers. In 2012, many of their rivals were suddenly taken down and they suspect that the Brazilian authorities has planned an operation to clean the city. With advice from his son Felipe, they moved to Tequesta, United States where Francis saw a vast crime opportunities with few competitors.

Igreja das Árvores

It is the cult operated within Da Silva Enterprises. Based on their own (corrupted) bible, god accept criminals atonement by keeping their "good" side balanced with their "bad" side, by sharing money they have stole for the poor for example.
"Oh come on Tom, i don't want to die in a Aztec sacrifical rituals! It's like the worst way to die!"
Jan Daniels to Thomas after he failed to stole Charles's laptop
The cult includes the use of human sacrifice as the "atonement way". Captured enemies, associates whose break their deal, and traitors were the one used in the ritual.

Events in L&S

The Da Silva first appear when they warn Jan Daniels to pay the "shared profit" of The Searows.


  • Francis Da Silva – Founder and main leader of the syndicate, ran the IDÁ in Great Deer Key.
  • Felipe Da Silva – Son of Francis Da Silva, head of the syndicate illegal operation in Vice City.