Damian Fritas
Damian Fritas
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto: Fury
Also known as: Pork Chop
Damian Fries
French Fries
Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Date of birth: February 25, 2003 (age 27)
Place of birth: La Mesa, Los Santos
Home: Downtown Los Santos, Los Santos
Nationality: Portuguese
Family: Tiago Fritas (father)
Maria Fritas (mother)
Main affiliation: Damian's Crew
Edward Harrington
Bruno Tafua
Vehicle(s): Vacca
Stinger GT
Cop Cruiser
Voiced by: Diogo Morgado
Damian Roberto Fritas is an undercover police officer working with ex-cons, hackers and mercenaries to track a group that is a threat to the world, that might take out the governments of all countries and become the new leaders of the world, creating a New World Order. He is voiced and motion captured by Diogo Morgado.

Damian tries to act out his alias as an expert heist criminal. He gets involved with bank robberies, street races, manhunts, etc. Damian's one objective is to find the threat of the world.

Early Life

Damian Fritas was born on February 25th, 2003 to war veteran Tiago Fritas and paramedic Maria Fritas. Both of his parents were immigrants from Portugal. He was raised in a middle class family and had an excellent education. Damian went to Los Santos High School and graduated Valedictorian. He then went to a University in Vice City to study criminal justice. After 5 years of learning, he received a bachelor's degree in that subject.

Damian came back to Los Santos with terrible news that his father had died of heart failure. Damian's father was only 52.

Life Today

Today, Damian is now undercover trying to get help from former inmates, hackers and mercenaries to find an unnamed group that may overthrow the governments of the world and become the new leaders. Damian must set up some gameplans in order to find this group.


  • Damian is 6'1''.
  • Damian can speak Portuguese fluently.
  • Damian's nicknames: Damian Fries and French Fries, refer to the translation of his last name Fritas, which mean "fries" in Portuguese.
  • Damian is an excellent soccer player.
  • Damian knows the martial arts of Judo and Wrestling.
  • After the last mission, Damian reveals he was a police officer. Much to his surprise, his crew was not upset when he said that because they were already retired (except for some) and they liked Damian.
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