David Hudson
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto: Lost Memory
Grand Theft Auto: Revenge
Also known as: Dave, David Boy or Davey
Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Date of birth: 13th October, 1994
Place of birth: Canada
Home: Sundale City (Currently)
Liberty City(Formerly)
Carcer City (Formerly)
Nationality: Canadian
Family: Unnamed Father(Unknown Whereabouts)
Unnamed Mother(Deceased)
Unnamed Brother(Unknown Whereabouts)
Main affiliation: James Morgan
Gary Mackson
Harry Luger
Marcus Smith
Olivia Morgan and Sundale's Mafia (Unofficially through Krank Linton)
Left Quotation Mark Nero
Oh Shit!
Right Quotation Mark Nero

David Hudson is the main character of Grand Theft Auto: Lost Memory and he appears as one of the main characters in Grand Theft Auto: Revenge


David's personality is not shown much because he lost his memory but he is shown to be helpful as he helped Harry and Gary when they are in a pinch or in need of help.

David also has a great sense of humor.


David has straight brown hair with black eyes and he also has a scar on his left cheek. His default clothing is a black shirt cover by a black jacket with brown jeans and a pair of dark blue shoes. David's clothing could be change by buying new clothes from stores around the map.


David was born and raised in Canada making him a little tough. He learns to parkour from his old brother which has disappeared after blaming the death of their mother to him. His father later become abusive to him making him staying with his friend.


David early life is not much known but in GTA: Revenge, he said he has a brother who runs from home because of his mother death and blame it on David. His father also become abusive to him. David gets into the crime world in 2001 during his stay in Liberty City which because of his two friends.

Events in Revenge

David meets with James Morgan after James is left for dead in Sundale City, Luken. David helps him to make his way back up while meeting Marcus Smith and James wife Olivia. In the finale, If the player chooses to try and shoot Anthony, David will be killed. But this is not canon.

Events in Lost Memory

David woke up after being out cold for a few days. He quickly calls Gary and let him stay as he is his friend. He later meets Krank Linton and starts working with him in exchange for his memory and his brother whereabouts. Along the way, David also being ambush by a guy named Peter who seems to hold a grudge against David.

Murders Committed

Two agents sent by The Hoodies - Killed in order from Krank Linton.

Maccer's people - Killed in order to stop the tank.

Joe Walsh - Neck Snapped in Self-Defense

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