Harry: "The time come"

David: "What?A zombie apocalypse?"

Harry: "No nigga, Rusty has declared the Deal War! A war that happens between a group of two dealers, we have territory around the town and our base in Quine. Rusty's in Blue Dim District and he has attack one of my territory in South Luken"

David: "What that has to do about me?"

Harry: "Help me out, Rusty has made a force with another dealer, Saul, come on let go!"

-David and Harry about the war.

Deal Wars is the ninth storyline mission of Grand Theft Auto: Lost Memory given to the protagonist, David Hudson by Harry Luger which introduce the Deal War.

Location: Harry's house, Quine, Luken

For: Harry Luger

Rewards: $400

Unlocks: An Old Or New Enemy(If Chasing The Spies is completed) and the player could take over any territory for Harry in a Deal War.

Unlock by: To The Rescue!

Mission Description

David goes to Harry to look for some work and Harry with his group is preparing to go to South Luken for a Deal War. Harry explain the situation and drag David to help him.


You need to drive Harry to South Luken with his group following. After they arrive, Rusty and Saul's group has taken advantage. Help Harry's group to fend them off and after that, help Harry make a counterattack by taking one of Rusty's territory in Lorn, Luken. The two of them head to Lorn and kill some of Rusty's group to start the Deal War. They are three waves so kill them off and after all the last guy is killed, the territory is Harry's and he thank you. Bring Harry back home and the mission is completed.


  • Get in the car.
  • Go to South Luken.
  • Fend of Rusty and Saul's people.
  • Get in the car.
  • Go to Lorn.
  • Start a Deal War.
  • The first wave has start.
  • The second wave is coming.
  • The third wave is coming.
  • Bring Harry home.


David will able to take territory for Harry's deal empire. Harry may also call David if one of the territory is attacked and order him to help protect it. The mission An Old or New Enemy? will unlock if Chasing The Spies is completed.

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