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Not to be confused with the Degenatron, an arcade console appearing in 3D and HD Universes.

DegenaTron is a video-game console appearing in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Living, Grand Theft Auto: Rising of Orcus and Grand Theft Auto Online.


The console is mentioned on GTA San Andreas Living's radio stations. Several facts gather from the numerous advertisements heard.

  • It is praised for bringing arcade realism to the living room, containing a DegenaTron console and a controller of it. It also have the 2-player controller, based on PlayStation
  • The graphics seem to be limited and based on the 3D video-game graphics, such as PlayStation and Nintendo 64.
  • It plays thirty-one "amazing" games.


Image Name Genre Parody of
Gem-Vibing Front Boxart.jpg Gem-Vibing Rhythm Vib-Ribbon
Grand Touring Front Cover.jpg Grand Touring Racing Gran Turismo (1997 game)
File:Grand Touring 2 Front Cover.jpg Grand Touring 2 Racing Gran Turismo 2
Ignition Cover.jpg Ignition Racing wipEout
World Rally Championship
Ignition Revolution Cover.jpg Ignition Revolution Racing wip3out


It is a spoof of PlayStation. The console itself is based on the 1994 PlayStation console. It was a popular video-game console for people, which it was mentioned on racing liveries and radio station.


Man: Who thinks this beautiful console is dead? A eagle, a accident, or a shut down of a company? But not anymore, people! There is a good thing to play is the DegenaTron. Playing your favorite games such as Grand Touring, Jake the Rapper, Accident Racoon, Football League, Action-Gunner, Combat Hydra, etc. It is praised for bringing arcade realism to the living room, containing a DegnaTron console and a controller, including the 2nd player console, playing with two players. It plays thirty-one amazing games. The graphics are 3D instead and it's really awesome and fun!
Mike: Oh yeah! Now people do love the DegenaTron which is designed in 1994 by the help of Sumo America Entertainment! This is so awesome right now, man! I am proud!
Man: The new DegenaTron! Sumo does what Kaihatsu'don't here! He he!



  • The logo is used with one of the logos in a PlayStation image.
  • However, the logo as DegenaTron 2 is mentioned on racing liveries such as the Pace Car Elegy.
  • The Zrnic font is used for the DegenaTron logo, which is also used for the PlayStation logo.
  • The slogan "DegenaTron does what Kaihatsu'don't" is likely a reference to the Sega Genesis slogan "Genesis does what Nintendo'nt". It is stated that DegenaTron is a rival of the Kaihatsu 69, possibly a parody of how consoles are rivals to the others.
  • The slogan was later changed in 1998 to "DegenaTron does what Akedon't", meaning that it is the Akedo Spiral's console rival.