James: "I knew you would come! I need your help"

David: "What is it?"

James: "Marvin is in trouble! The Sindaccos have kidnapped him."

David: "Well what are we waiting for! Come on lets go!"

- David and James talking about the trouble

Desert War is the 21st mission of Grand Theft Auto: Lost Memory given to David Hudson by James Morgan from your safehouse in Sandy Shores.

Location: Sandy Shores, Blaine County

For: James Morgan

Rewards: $800

Unlocks: Going Shopping and player can now hang out with Marvin Smith.

Unlocked by: Fleeca Heist (Sundale City)


David finds James at his hideout who explains that Marvin is in trouble. David and James go to Stab City to help Marvin before he is tortured by The Sindaccos.


You need to go to Stab City which is where Marvin was taken. After you arrive you have to kill all the Sindaccos in the area. Reinforcements will arrive. After the last Sindacco is killed, Marvin will thank you and James and proceed to tell you what happened. It seems that The Sindaccos are not actually The Sindaccos that they thought... Marvin says that there is a people trying to kidnap David so they kidnapped Marvin to try and lure out David. Marvin gives a warning and leaves with James, Marvin wires money to David for his help and the mission is completed.


  • Go to Stab City.
  • Kill all the Sindaccos.
  • Reinforcements are coming! Kill Them All.
  • Meet up with James and Marvin.


Player could hang out with Marvin and there is a safehouse available at Los Santos for the player to purchase. The next mission is also unlocked.