Gary:"Dude,since you lost your memory let go on a ride and meet a dealer. We need some money and don't worry,the dealer is a friend of me and you"

David:"Umm,okay. Like I could do anything here,I need to get some information"

Gary:"The let's go fool,you drive"

Detour is the second storyline mission of Grand Theft Auto: Lost Memory and introduce how to drive.

Unlocks:Night Off

Unlock by:Introduction

Rewards:$100 and the player could hang out with Gary or Harry

Mission Description

Gary invite David to go to meet Harry as they need some money and David need some information about what happened to him. The two of them head to Harry's place in Gary's car.


David follow Gary to his car and Gary said he drive. David got inside and start driving to Harry's place in Runkton,they arrive afterwards and being welcome by Harry,one of the main drug dealer in Luken. Gary explain the situation they in and Harry said to them he do not know either. Then,Harry said he need help from the two of them,there a drug deal gonna happen and he need some secruity. The trio head to the deal in a parking lot,The trio meet with a new local gang,Riders,Harry give them the drug and they give him the money. Police then arrive at the deal but the gang and Harry got out of time. They lose the cop and arrive at Harry's place,he thank both of them and give them some money. Afterwards,both of them go to their home and the mission is complete.


  • Get into the car.
  • Drive to Harry's place.
  • Go to the deal.
  • Lose the cop.
  • Get back to Harry's place.
  • Head back to the apartment.


The player get could hang out with Gary or Harry and the next mission,Night off is unlocked.

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