Devin O'Hara
Devin O'Hara
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto: Blood Money
Also known as: Dev

Dev Boy

Status: Deceased
Gender: Male
Date of birth: Unknown
Place of birth: Prendergast
Date of death: 2008
Home: West Nassau
Nationality: American
Main affiliation: Luca Marchetti

O'Hara Syndacite
Micheal Tanner (Formerly)

Vehicle(s): 9F
Businesses: Drug Trade

Arms Trade
Gang Leader

"In this business, you must keep your enemies closer than your friends."

Devin O'Hara is the most powerful drug baron in West Nassau, and the leader of his own gang


Devin was born in Prendergast in an unknown year, however the NPD believe he is in his early 50's. Little to no information has been disclosed about his early life. His father work as a coal miner in another city, leaving Devin alone with his mother and three brothers back in Prendergast.

During his childhood, the O'Hara family lived in poverty and moved from city to city. His father was addicted to meth and heroin,  and his mother was a crackhead, and both neglected their children. 

After losing his job, Devin's father killed his mother along with himself, forcing Devin to part ways with his brothers and move to West Nassau

Whilst in Nassau, Devin quickly built up a criminal empire using his skills of cheating and deceit. In the mid nineties, Devin became a major player in Nassau's criminal underworld, along with his gang, named The O'Hara Syndicate. The O'Hara Syndicate became extremely powerful and one of the biggest suppliers of drugs in the Northeast. Due to his activities and methods of torture he applies to traitors and enemies, he has become very notorious on the streets of Nassau.

By 2008, Devin is Nassau's biggest drug baron and also involved in many more criminal activities. 


"The same way you don't wan't to do this task for me, I don't want to pull the trigger of my Glock"
―-Said to a member of his gang.
"In this life of Guns and Glamour, one must realize that there is always one greedy son of a bitch who wants to take it away from you. "
―-To Micheal

Devin is a very ruthless man. He also has a short temper, and is quick to pull a trigger so therefore people always obey him out of fear. Due to his activities, Devin is paranoid and doesn't keep anybody close to him. Betrayal, greed and deceit are three words that describe him well, as he stabs people in the back if he sees it profitable and is extremely greedy. 

Weapons and Armour

Due to his paranoia, Devin is always armed.