Dick Rogers
Dick Rogers
Appearance(s): GTAO
Also known as: Fred "Dumptruck" Rogers
Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Date of birth: April 13
Place of birth: Alamo Sea
Date of death: N/A
Home: Homeless
Nationality: Australian
Main affiliation: Himself
Vehicle(s): Karin Sultan
Dick Rogers is a mental basket case and, ironically, one of the most valued colleagues at Frank Yordan's disposal. Dick is a plethora of psychological illness and instability, exhibiting numerous savant talents which make him an extremely reliable mechanic, hacker & programmer, and engineer. He is the owner of a 10 car garage in Los Santos which also doubles over at his home. The fact that the Los Santos river resides just outside his "backyard" often serves as his method of bathing and water recreation, resulting in in numerous odors emanating from his body at all times, something which Frank commonly brings to his attention .


He describes himself as "A poofters wet dream", being of primarily Australian descent, he wears and dresses himself in an outfit which not only serves as the only articles of clothing that he owns, but the signature clothing setup which characterizes himself as a "Lad" as he refers to himself as. Wearing a pair of flip flops, which he exhibits no difficulty in running in, a polo shirt, backwards cap, and lastly, the signature pair of football shorts which he obviously outgrew many years ago, being far too tight and short for his current adult build.



Tony Adventura

  • He met Adventura abruptly when he was trying to break into his street racing car, the Annis GT-A, not realizing that Adventura was actually in the car at the time, obscured by the dark window tint. Tony lowered the side window and surprised Dick, who had a piece of wire lodged in the door's keyhole. Dick was astonished that he could not break open the car and noted that. They began an unlikely friendship through this event and have known each other closely ever since, with Dick often delivering cars for Adventura to reshape and resell.




Personal Skills


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