Donal Todd
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto: King of The Hill
Also known as: Sweeny
Status: Determinant
Gender: Male
Date of death: 2013 (player's choice)
Nationality: American
Main affiliation: Miklos Lipton
Vehicle(s): Buccaneer
Businesses: Barber
I don't want to be a barber, I never wanted. But I just LOVE scissors. Is there any other job where you use scissors on a daily basis? No. Didn't thought so.
―Donal Todd

Donal Todd is a starnger/freak appearing in Grand Theft Auto: King of The Hill.


Donal is an unsuccessful barber and probably mentally unstable one. He has a bad habit to kill his customer, accidentally or not.

Events in King of The Hill

Miklos Lipton can encounter Donal at Vitus Street, hanging on a tree, after completing I, Spy.

First Encounter

Donal is on a tree, crying and acting somewhat hysterically. Miklos tells him to calm and climb down and asks about his current state of despair. Donal explains he has a barbershop down the street and how he accidentally killed a customer - causing him to freak out and climb to a tree. Miklos advises him to call the police, but Donal is involuntary. He doesn't want to end up in jail. Instead, he asks Miklos to get rid of the body for some cash. Miklos agrees.

Miklos picks up the body from the barber shop and takes is to Raven Slaughterhouse in orders of Donal. After getting rid of the corpse, Miklos calls Donal, who promises the pay will come soon.

Second and Final Encounter

Sometime later, Miklos encounters Donal again, this time in front of his shop.

Donal is glad to see Miklos, who just wants his money and never meet again. Donal then reveals he has murdered a couple more people and wants Miklos to get rid of them too to get his payment. Miklos starts getting frustrated with Donal, who keeps insisting him to help him out. Miklos then has 2 choices:

1.) He can kill Donal and take the money, gaining a wanted level as well. To complete the mission, the player must evade the cops.

2.) Or he can agree to go with Donal to dispose of the bodies. Miklos and Donal get in Donal's car and head to Murrieta Heights. There, they face a Vagos gangster, who wants their heads on a plate for murdering his girlfriend (the victim from the first encounter). Donal claims Miklos to be the killer, leading the gangster and his friends attacking Miklos.

Miklos takes them down and can then either let Donal flee, or go after him and kill him.

Mission Appearances

King of The Hill


  • Donal's last name is a clear reference to Sweeny Todd, a fictional barber and serial killer.
    • Miklos also calls Donal "Sweeny" on a couple occasions.
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