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Donation Fixation
Game: Grand Theft Auto: New Leaf
For: Tristan Kirby
Location: Vixen Street, White Oaks Hill, Caldwell
Target: Thief
Conditions of mission failure: Wasted
Thief gets away
Reward: Knuckle Dusters and a red Bobcat as a personal vehicle
Unlocks: Open/Close
Unlocked by: Star Employee

Donation Fixation is a self-given mission by the protagonist Tristan Kirby.


Tristan is greeted by Heather at his door who tells him that she is happy to finally meet him. He learns that she was living in Las Venturas to escape her ex-husband and the Heartworks Mob. He tells her that she won't have to worry about them and asks if she'd like to go Seventh Street as he is going to attend the fundraiser at the hospital; she agrees and they head off to the hospital.

WHile they are at the fundraiser they meet the BlueTech Employer and a few other people who take interest in Tristan. One of the attendees of the fundraiser seems recognise Heather and proceeds to steal the donation box and runs from hospital as Tristan goes after him with Hospital Security.

Joined by Hospital Security; Tristan keeps chase with the Thief and arrive at the Museum Parking where one of the security guards is attacked by the Thief and manages to steal his pistol in order to dissuade Tristan. However, Tristan remains in pursuit until the thief trips on the sidewalk and Tristan punches him with some Knuckle Dusters in order to get the box back but the thief tries to get away but is shot dead by a cop.

A security guard arrives in a bobcat and offers him to drive it back to the hospital and return the security box.


  • Go to the Hospital.

The player begins in Heather's Ravenshoe and have to drive to the Hospital on Seventh Street in order to join the fundraiser. After arriving; the player is treated to a The Party-style cutscene with the host introducing Tristan to several characters before the thief steals the donation box and prompting Tristan and several security guards to chase the thief.

  • Chase the Thief.

The player chases the thief through out Same Park and follow him to the Museum parking lot as the Thief attacks a Security Guard and steals his pistol. He uses the pistol to try make the player let him go but fails to scare the player off as he continues to run before tripping over on the sidewalk.

  • Attack the Thief.

After the thief tripped over; the player will have the chance to attack the thief in order to reclaim the donations. After hitting him enough; a cutscene will trigger and he tries to kill the play but the thief will be shot by the player and a security guard will off the player a lift back with a red bobcat as gift.

  • Return to the Hospital.

The player than simply has to drive back to the hospital to start final cutscene of the mission and rejoin the fundraiser. After the cutscene ends; the player will be back at their safehouse and the mission'll be complete.


  • Thief - Killed by a Cop