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Douglas Enterprises is a Fashion and Art Design Company based in San Fierro.


Samantha and Enzo worked at Douglas Enterprises in 2010 until 2018 as they wanted to move with Tristan to help him get away from Caroline as well as Sam growing suspicious of Vincent's behaviour around her. However, he found out and tried to blackmail her into quitting her job at BlueTech but failed while buying the Pizza This restaurant in order to get his son back under his thumb.

As a result of getting her fired; Sam raids the building in San Fierro and transfers 10% the company's funds to an offshore while taking $12000 for herself, Tristan, and the Triads for helping her. As a result; the company's stock plummets along with half of the employees quitting as a result of the loss of funds. As a result; Vincent buys 50 shares with Gruppe Sechs and contacts the Johnston County Triads.


  • Vincent Douglas - CEO
  • Enzo Douglas - Former CFO
  • Samantha Douglas - Former Assistant CFO, former Head of Art Department, and former model.
  • Alejandro - Security monitor
  • Frank Elliot - Model and Designer. Deceased
  • Quinton Elliot - Vincent's secretary. Player-determinant