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Drebin Family
Locations: Ludendorff, North Yankton
Sandy Shores, Blaine County
Leader: Daniel Drebin
Type: Outlaw Motocycle Club
Enemies: Angels of Death
Miklos Lipton
Lost MC
Penelope Cash
Affiliations: Tommy Bell
Felipe Hocker
Armenian Mafia
Waylon Rosenthal
Colors: Blue, Yellow, Green, Purple, Orange, Brown, Pink
Weapons: Shotgun, Pistol, Uzi
Businesses: Drug dealing, Hitmen
Fronts: Sunshine Motel
Chumash Pier Cafe
Members: Daniel Drebin (Founder/Leader)
Walter Drebin (Founder/Second-in-command)
Alexander Drebin
Bernardino Drebin
Carmine Drebin
Richardio Sanders
Maximo Cuttz
Mark Perry
Solomon Hudson

Drebin Family is an outlaw motorcycle club in Grand Theft Auto series. They appear as a major gang in Grand Theft Auto: North Yankton Stories and as minor villains in King of The Hill and Los Santos Chronicles.

Drebin Family's was formed in Ludendorff, North Yankton by Daniel Drebin and Walter Drebin, but the gang has since relocated in Los Santos.


Drebin Family is a Canadian-American outlaw motorcycle gang led by Daniel Drebin. They are described to be very trigger happy and unpredictable, always looking for a chance to make paper or start a fight.

Events in North Yankton Stories

Game's protagonist, Tommy Bell, is a life-long friend of Daniel and Walter Drebin, the brothers behind Drebin Family. Tommy often helps the gang and he has saved Daniel more times than anyone can remember. During the North Yankton Stories, Felipe Hocker, a businessman from Liberty City, hires Drebin Family to steal rare and valuable vehicles for him during his stay in Ludendorff. With the aid of Tommy, they do that.

Hocker eventually betrays Drebins and with lies turns Tommy against them. Tommy kills many members of the gang, until he learns the truth from Daniel. Despite that, Drebin family is still active and a powerful gang.

Events in King of The Hill

During the events of GTA V, Drebin Family has relocated in Blaine County, San Andreas, associating with the Armenian Mob.

When the game's protagonist Miklos Lipton starts his journey to become the ultimate crime lord of Los Santos, he puts the Drebins and the Lost MC against each other in order to weaken the Armenians. The gangs later find out who truly was behind their war, and head to take down Victor Sax and his Aztecas, who are Miklos' associates. They're defeated.

Events in Los Santos Chronicles

In 2014, Drebins have become weaker as a result of several gang wars with the Lost MC and Flanelli Mob. Their former base in Sandy Shores is destroyed and their new head quarter is located in Chumash.

In Los Santos Chronicles - Deadly Discords, the Drebins kidnap Lolek Goldblum, the manager of Impotent Insects, for drunkenly insulting them. They've also robbed Mauri McVile, one of the members of the band. Lolek is saved by Penelope Cash. Drebins are later part of a league of gangs hired byWaylon Rosenthal to spoil the Insects' concert.

Mission Appearances

North Yankton Stories

King of The Hill

Deadly Discords

  • Rescue Ranger
  • Perdido
  • No Encores