Drive-Bye Bye
For: Clinton O'Malley
Location: Pizza This , Del Perro
Target: Vagos
Conditions of mission failure: Wasted/Busted

Car Destroyed
Fail The Shooting Range

Reward: MAC-10


Unlocks: Cop Work
Unlocked by: Like Father,Like Son

Drive-Bye Bye is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Streets of Los Santos given to Markus King from Clinton O'Malley

Pre-Mission Text Message

"If you want to get to the bottom of this, come and meet me at Pizza This in Del Perro" - Clinton O'Malley


When Markus enters Pizza This, he looks for  Clinton, but he is nowhere to be seen.

  • Cashier - Hey sir may I take you order please.
  • Markus - A can of Sprunk homie
  • Cashier - You want fries with that?
  • Markus - Nah dawg.

Suddenly, Clinton enters.

  • Clinton - So you come!
  • Markus - Man, what took you so long
  • Clinton - Nothing. Ok now listen, we need to find this motherfucker, and we can't if you shoot like your shit is stuck in your ass.
  • Markus - Hey!
  • Clinton - It's the truth! We're going to Ammu-Nation with a shooting range, there you may practice your shooting skills.

Clinton then gets up and leaves before Markus can respond.

  • Markus - Hey man! Hey! Damn, that was a nice can of Sprunk too.

The two drive to the Ammu-Nation. 

  • Markus - So what you know about my pops?
  • Clinton - Enough.
  • Markus - Enough for what?
  • Clinton - Enough for me to do my job, and enough for you to keep asking these dumb questions.
  • Markus - Hey homie hold it right the-
  • Clinton - Shut up and drive.
  • WIP.
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