"I want to go on a nice ride in my hot rod. Maybe go check if the bridges are finally open? I don't know. Let's just drop by Sea Span Bridge in my vehicle."

―Max explaining the job.

Driving Mr. Johnson is the twenty-second story mission in Grand Theft Auto: Life of Crime.

Unlocks: Danger Lurks Around Every Corner

Unlocked by: Wrong Side of the Bed

Reward: $25,000, Flamingo Bay, and the ability to get a 5-star wanted level

Post-Mission Text Message

Max: Drop by my apartment sometime soon. We're going places.

Mission Description

Max wants to go see if the bridges that lead to Flamingo Bay is open, so he wants Mark to drive him there to go and check.


Enter the Oracle and drive to Sea Span Bridge. Enter the district of Flamingo Bay and go to the locations indicated by a yellow marker so Max can give you a tour around the neighborhood. After the tour, head to Seashore View Motel to view your new safehouse.

Now drop Max off at his apartment, and the mission is accomplished.


Upon completing the mission will grant you $25,000 and a new safehouse at Sparkling Oasis, which is a room at Seashore View Motel. Plus, you can get full access to Flamingo Bay. Also, the next mission Danger Lurks Around Every Corner is unlocked. Furthermore, you can now attain a 5-star wanted level.


  • Drive to Sea Span Bridge so you can arrive at Flamingo Bay.
  • Drive to one of the markers so Max can give you a tour.
  • Go check out your new safehouse.
  • Drop Max off at his house.


"Child Gone Missing After Installing Mysterious iFruit App"

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The mother, herself, quickly noticed a pedophile was secretly running the app.

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Parents out there, this is why you shouldn't let your kids play on electronics. Leave them playing with toy cars and blocks, please.