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Dylan Troy
Dylan during his camping trip.
Appearance(s): GTA V (2013)

GTA: Los Santos Stories (2013)

Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Date of birth: July 29, 1988
Place of birth: Dukes, Liberty City
Home: Dukes, Liberty City (1988-1990)

Paleto Bay, Los Santos (1990-2010, 2013-present) Del Perro, Los Santos (2010-2013)

Nationality: Caucasian
Family: Shari Troy (mother)

Derek Troy (father)

Unknown baby (child)

Hailey McCallister-Troy (wife, 2013- present)

Past Life

In 1988, Dylan Troy was born to Shari Mohr and Derek Troy, which they relocated to Paleto Bay two years later. 18 years after his birth in 2008, he was almost killed in an accident at the Paleto Bay Gas Station, which made his parents worried, and they moved him to a small apartment in Del Pierro when he turned 20.

GTA: Los Santos Stories

At the time of GTA: Los Santos Stories, Dylan is seen living in his small apartment until he meets Jack McGarry, who gives him money to move into an expensive apartment building down the street, he eventually reconciles with his girlfriend, Hailey, who moves to Los Santos to find Dylan. After Jack ambushes Dylan, Dylan moves back to Paleto Bay and continues his life there until Jack pursues to the town to find Dylan, after being helped by his old friend, Dorian. Dylan kills Jack in a mission that he almost loses Hailey and his friends. Jack's apartment is sold and Dylan sends a letter of condolences to his family back in Ohio. Dylan & Hailey eventually marry after the incident, but Dorian is shortly killed at their wedding by Jack's best friend, Mason. Dylan tracks Mason down to the south side of Los Santos, and shoots down the rest of Jack's army and kills Mason. He and Hailey mourn the loss of Dorian, and bury him in Liberty City among with his sister & mother. After this, Dylan & Hailey return to Los Santos, and Hailey becomes pregnant.

Another possible ending is Dorian not getting shot, instead Liz McGarry will be the one that is shot, and Dylan and Jack (who is not killed by requests of Liz) hunt down Mason and kill him, eventually ending the game with Liz's burial in Liberty City, and a letter sent to her mother in Ohio.

Mission Appereances: All (Protagonist)


Dylan is seen in the bank near his house when Trevor, Micheal and Franklin rob the Paleto Bay Bank. He makes it out before the robbery takes place, and is not seen for the rest of the game, but is friends with Trevor, Micheal and Franklin on LifeInvador.