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Easy Faction
Games: Grand Theft Auto: Danger Zone (Mentioned)
Locations: Liberty City
Type: Hip-Hop Group
Affiliations: Head Records
Businesses: Music
Members: DJ Method

King B
Psycho Child

Easy Faction is a platinum selling hip-hop group that originate from Liberty City. DJ Method serves as the DJ, whilst Psycho Child & King B do the rapping.


DJ Method & King B both hail from Beechwood City in Broker, whereas Psycho Child is from neighboring South Slopes. Method & King were childhood friends and had an interest in hip-hop culture, however all three members were gang affiliated before they started rapping. In 1992, they met aspiring rap artist Psycho Child in The 69th Street Diner. After this they formed a rap group, naming it Easy Faction. 

The following year, they began work on their debut album Broker's Finest, which was released independently in 1994. It was a critical and commercial success, however it's violent lyrical content and songs which dissed San Andreas based artist Madd Dogg gained much controversy. 

Due to the success of the album, they were signed by Head Records, and began work on their second album. They decided to name the album Live From Liberty City. It was released in 1995, and was a chart topping success, with even more controversy pointed towards it's content. 

After LFLC's release, Easy Faction began touring across the United States of America, including Vice City & Las Venturas. They also began solo projects. King B released The Crown in 1997, and Psycho Child released Broker Mentallity in 1998. However, the latter featured very little input from his Easy Faction bandmates, thus rumors circulated amongst fans that Easy Faction were splitting up. 

Easy Faction's third album The Deal was released in 1999. After much controversy about their lyrics, the album's lyrical content was watered down, and featured guest appearances from the likes of Rudy LaFontaine. Like the previous two albums, it was a success. 

In 2000, Psycho Child announced he was leaving Easy Faction for money reasons. Later on in the year, Psycho dissed his fellow band mates during an interview on The Beat 102.7, which King B would respond. 

Easy Faction had officially disbanded. Psycho Child began releasing his Mentallity Muzik albums, starting in 2001, whilst King B & DJ Method went to the mixtape scene. Diss tracks from both sides began surfacing. 

In 2005, they reconciled and released The Renunion EP two years later. Since then, they have re-signed to Head Records and are planning for their fourth full length LP to be released in 2015.