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L&S Edisson
Biographical information
Full name Edisson (surname unknown)
Nickname(s) Ed
Born 1958 in Vice City (age 59)
Citizenship American
Family Unnamed wife (Divorced)
Thomas Kingston (son)
Physical description
Eyes Brown
Career information
Occupation Soldier (allegedly)
History teacher (formerly)
Affiliations U.S. Military (allegedly)
Other information
Appears in L&S MiniLogo
Actor Jared Harris (voice, likenesses)

Edisson (surname unknown) is a character appearing in Light & Shadow as a stranger character. A former history teacher, who allegedly serve in the US soldier, now spending his hobby of street photographer. He is the father of protagonist Thomas Kingston.


Much like Thomas, only few known about Edisson life. It is unknown whether it is right that he serves in US Soldier. He met Thomas mother and married in 1988, with Edisson immediately retires from the military early and become a history teacher to support the family economy.

Contradict to Thomas claim that he has a deceased sister, Edisson stated that Thomas is their only child whose born in 1990. It is unknown whether Thomas lied or Edisson covered it up.

Edisson is somehow an eccentric jingoistic person. Proved with all of his American stuffs in his house and still believes that Eastern side still exists with their "evil".

Cold War Never Over

"You remind me of those Russian girl, a honeytrap"
―To Maria



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