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Enzo's Father
Game: Grand Theft Auto: New Leaf
For: Enzo Douglas
Location: Pizza This, near Pines, Caldwell
Target: N/A
Conditions of mission failure: Wasted
Unlocks: KISS
Unlocked by: New Girl

Enzo's Father is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: New Leaf given to the player Tristan Kirby by Enzo Douglas.


Tristan arrives at the Pizza This but finds no one at work and Enzo sitting at the entrance with his work clothes on the chair next to him. Enzo tells him that Vincent found out that they were in Caldwell and the Pizza This store was bought out and shut down. Tristan asks if Vincent is in town and Enzo confirms but saying that he sitting in Anders Park waiting for him to show up but Tristan offers to go instead.

Tristan goes to the Park and meets with Vincent Douglas only to be greeted with hostility as Vincent blames Tristan for Enzo and Samantha moving and tells him that he'd send a message to Caroline, but that'll put him on the Triads' shitlist. Tristan tells Vincent to go home and forget about them.

Tristan leaves the park but Vincent makes a fake call to the police that he is being attacked causing Tristan to get a wanted level and forces the player to escape the police.


  • Go to Anders Park.

Following the cutscene; the player is required to go to Anders Park in order to confront Vincent. His called on the way by Samantha and learns that she is aware of Vincent's arrival and that he tried to by BlueTech out but failed when she told her employer about her past employment under Vincent.

  • Lose the Cops.

After an intense conversation; Vincent calls the cops on Tristan for telling what to do and forces Tristan to escape the police. As result of Tristan being wanted by the cops; Tristan goes into hiding following a cut scene as the player switches over to Samantha.


Due to Vincent calling the police on Tristan; Tristan goes into hiding to wait out the heat and as result won't be playable until Star Employee.