Vincenzo Douglas
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto: New Leaf
Also known as: Enzo
Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Date of birth: 1994
Place of birth: San Fierro
Home: Caldwell
Nationality: American
Family: Vincent Douglas (father)
Samantha Douglas (wife)
Tristan Kirby (brother-in-law)
Main affiliation: Pizza This
Douglas Enterprises (formerly)
Vehicle(s): Pizza This Ventoso

Vincenzo "Enzo" Douglas is the husband of Samantha Douglas and son of Vincent Douglas.


Enzo is cautious and serious often choosing the more legal route than illegal route. He wants nothing to do with the criminal life that his brother-in-law was involved with and tries to keep out of it as much as he can. He was extremely cautious of the Kloud Krew as he didn't want to serve them or go near them due to stories circulating around them while he instructed Tristan on the objectives with a serious tone.



Enzo originally worked for his father as CFO of Douglas Enterprise - a Fashion and Art Company. He met Tristan after Tristan stole several paintings worth 1 million dollars and was tempted in telling cops but let him go in after he returned to paintings after he was paid for the job and stole the paintings back. Enzo refused to get involved with the Triads but met Samantha when she became a model for the company and he over saw her trial run before accepting her as a model but later became a painter after claims of a stalker surfaced.

Enzo married Samantha in 2012 and made her his assistance CFO as he helped Tristan with Caroline before they were forced to Caldwell. Enzo also learnt that Vincent was the stalker and forced Samantha into the Art department before they left.

Grand Theft Auto: New Leaf

He arrives in Caldwell with Tristan and Samantha. As the two adjust for the six month that passes; Enzo finds it difficult to adjust but with help from Samantha he receives a job at Pizza This and is able to make a deficient living.

Mission Appearances

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