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Escort Service
Game: Grand Theft Auto: New Leaf
For: Angie Offredi
Location: Little Italy, Heartworks
Target: Heartworks Mob Biffs
Conditions of mission failure: Wasted
Biffs destroyed
Drivers of the Biffs are killed
Reward: $4000
Tristan is able to acquire a new Personal Vehicle
Unlocks: Trucking Feds
Unlocked by: The Mob

Escort Service is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: New Leaf given to Tristan Kirby by Angie Offredi.


Tristan meets with Angie at Francesca's in Little Italy and learns that a large shipment of opium and LSD is being moved through the city and needs his help escorting it to their lockup in Profiler. She tells him that some of their rivals such as the South Adrian Pork Rangers and the Symmoria gangsters. She suggests to him to pick a fast car and get some ammo before meeting them and sends him on his way.

Tristan gets a fast car and some ammo from the Ammu-Nation before driving to the meet point in South Aiden and the trucks begin to leave. After clearing the fifth street; South Aiden Pork Rangers attack the convoy on Ventosos and are taken down by Tristan while another wave in Perennials arrive followed by the final wave using Grangers. Tristan mocks the gang for their name and vehicle choices as they move through the city and approach Thrace.

Members of the Symmoria begin to attack in their Ravenshoes and Tristan has to keep them from the trucks as they move towards Profiler as Heartworks Police Department begin chasing them forcing Tristan to eliminate them as the Trucks arrive at lockup.


  • Get a suitable car.
  • Go to Ammu-Nation or go to the Meet-up.
  • Go to the Meet-up.
  • Escort the Trucks.
  • Protect the Trucks from the South Aiden Porker Rangers!
  • Don't let the Symmoria attack the Trucks!
  • Follow the Trucks.
  • Keep the Cops away from Trucks!
  • Lose the cops.


  • South Aiden Pork Rangers - Killed by Tristan in order to protect the trucks.
  • Symmoria gangsters - Killed by Tristan in order to protect the trucks.
  • Cops - Killed by Tristan in order to protect the trucks.


After losing the cops; the player will complete the mission and unlock a few more weapons at Ammu-Nation while be able to obtain a new Personal Vehicle.