Mark: "Don't fucking move! You killed my father, and now I'll take you out for leaving me left for dead. Any last words?"

Rupert Walker: "Lad, who the hell are you? Are you on hallucination?"

Mark: "Don't play with me, asshole. Now, it's time for me to strike revenge."

Execution in the Mall is the twentieth story mission in Grand Theft Auto: Life of Crime.

Unlocks: Wrong Side of the Bed

Unlocked by: Trespassing

Reward: 5 bags of downers

Mission Description

Jack tells Mark he "found" his uncle, who is located at Pineville Mall, but soon enough it turns out to be the wrong person.

Post-Mission Phone Call

Jack: The time has come.

Mark: What do you mean? A zombie apocalypse is heading here? Santa Claus is coming to town? An asteroid sailed Earth and it's going to hit us anytime soon?

Jack: No, you numskull. I found our uncle. The one who left you for dead.

Mark: Tell me where he's at. Now.

Jack: Whoa there, now don't get too eager. He's located at Pineville Mall near the Burger Shot store.


Head on over to Pineville Mall. Upon arrival, go up to the second floor and kill him with a firearm. After executing him, the security guards will become alerted and call the police. A four-star wanted level will be triggered, so get out of there.

A phone call from Jack will appear on your phone. He will (nervously) say that he didn't read the last name. It was Rupert Walker, not Rupert Smith.

Thankfully the game will redirect you to a Pay 'n' Spray, so drive over there to lose the cops.


  • Go to Pineville Mall.
  • Enter the mall.
  • Go to the second floor and kill the target.
  • You have caught police attention! Get out of the mall quickly.
  • Run back to your car.
  • Evacuate the area.
  • Now drive to the Pay 'n' Spray.