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Fabio Acconcia
L&S Fabio
Biographical information
Full name Fabio Acconcia
Nickname(s) Fabi
Mario (by Maurice)
Born 1986 in Sicily, Italy
Citizenship Italian
Family Federico Acconcia (father †)
Annalisa Acconcia (mother †)
Andrea Acconcia (Twin brother)
Physical description
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Height 6' 0.75" (1.85 m)
Career information
Occupation Tacconi Family enforcer
Affiliations Tacconi Crime Family
Other information
Appears in L&S MiniLogo
Actor Antonio Cupo

Fabio Acconcia is a central character appear in Light  & Shadow. The twin brother of protagonist Andrea Acconcia and one of many well-known soldier of the Tacconi Crime Family.


Fabio born and grew up in Sicily countryside with his twin brother Andrea to Federico and Annalisa Acconcia. The infamous Sicilian Mafia operated in the place where they live, but not caused to much troublesome.

The two obsessed with crime film and novels since they were a child. Andrea has a passion in polices and law, while Fabio more interested to be a criminal. They play a cop-criminal roleplay in their childhood and as they grew up, Andrea went to Palermo to study for his detective's dream and Fabio join the Sicilian Mafia.


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Despite their very contrast path of life, Andrea and Fabio were inseparable and protective towards each other.

Fabio was an excellent made man of the Tacconi, with strong physique and combat skill, but not a great thinker and strategist. This caused him tends to get himself in trouble and relying on Andrea to help him for several missions. His carelessness a bit similar to Lamar Davis from V.

Fabio shown to be very loyal to the Tacconi and often reminds Andrea to keep his main focus on sharing intel for them.

Maurice sometimes miscalled him as Mario, the name of his personal hitman in the old days who ended up in a prison nowhere.


"Fabio: Yeah, I need some money Andre. But I don't want to be a pizza boy for it!
Andrea: You look more like a milkman actually
―After losing his job to Tacconi

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