Krank: "David!You gotta some debts eh?I could help you"

David: "I don't need your help anymore,I come here to tell you I stop working for you. See ya old man"

Krank: "Oh,too bad. I know something that your friends know about your memory. You don't wanna meet your brother huh. Wait, why I'm telling you this....*chuckle*"

David: "My Brother?"

Lenard: "Father!We have some problems!"

-David and Krank about his brother interrupted by Krank's son

Family Problems is the 13th mission of Grand Theft Auto: Lost Memory given to the protagonist,David Hudson by Krank Linton.

Location: Moneyside Hill, Luken, Sundale City

For: Krank Linton

Rewards: $500

Unlocks: A Little Favour,Meeting the Gang

Unlock by: An Old Ally

Mission Description

David goes to Krank's massion to cut his ties with him and the mafias as he need to help Gary but Krank mention David's long lost brother making him changing his mind but isn't able to ask more as it been interrupted by Krank's son, Lenard Linton. He said Krank's adoptive child, Ken who is the third child of the family, has do it again. He robbed a store and police is in pursuit so Krank order David to go to Del Ro Street the last place he is seen to help his child and bring him back here. David has no choice but to keep doing Krank's orders. He head to Del Ro Street to aid Ken.


You need to go to Del Ro Street and search for Ken. You found a blood trail in a back of a restaurant, follow it and you will find Ken. He is hiding in a dumpster. After explaining that his father send you, bring Ken back to the house but watch out for police roadblock or else you get a wanted level and need to lose it. After sending Ken back home, Krank paid you and hope you drop by again whenever free.


  • Go to Del Ro Street.
  • Search for Ken.
  • Bring Ken home, watch out for the police roadblock.
  • Lose the cops(If the player encounter the police)


The next mission, A Little Favor is to unlock.