Vital statistics
Game Vengeance in Los Santos
For Joe
Location Los Santos
Prerequisites None
Mission Failure Wasted/Busted, Gang Car is destroyed, Gang is alerted of your presence
Rewards $950

Gang Car Spray collectables

Protagonist(s) Joe Preest
Previous Next
Job Seeking The Deal


"Favor" is a mission in Vengeance in Los Santos it is given by Big M.


Joe goes to Big M's house and asks for work. Big M tells Joe that he is angry with a gang expanding into his territory and selling drugs at a cheaper price, Joe says they should ambush some dealers. But Big M decides that it would be too hard, as he doesn't want the police involved. He tells Joe one of their hangouts and to respray one of their cars with graffiti. Joe goes to their hangout and steals one of their cars whilst trying to avoid attention. He takes it to a nearby backalley and uses a spray can to mark it with graffiti. He takes it back and watches the gangsters notice the car. Joe calls Big M to inform him the Job is done.


  • Drive to the Gang Hangout
  • Steal the Gang Car, avoid the Gangsters.
  • Drive the car to the marked location
  • Spray Paint the car with Graffiti
  • Drive the Car back to the Hangout
  • Get away from the Car
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