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Felipe Hocker
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto: North Yankton Stories
Also known as: Mr. Hocker
Status: Deceased
Gender: M
Date of birth: 1953
Place of birth: Alderney
Date of death: 2013 (Age 60)
Home: Liberty City, Alderney
Nationality: American
Family: Unnamed father (Deceased), Unnamed son
Main affiliation: NightHawk, Drebin Family, Tommy Bell
Businesses: Hocker Buildings Inc.
I could get your store to bankruptcy with my very existance! That's how rich I am!
―Felipe Hocker to Tommy Bell

Felipe Hocker is a character in Grand Theft Auto series, appearing as the main antagonist of GTA: North Yankton Stories.


Felipe Hocker is a Liberty City based businessman, running a construction company Hocker Buildings Inc. It's believed he has connections with several criminal groups and organizations around the USA, that have contributed his rise in the construction business.

He dun his father's company when he was 20 years old. 

Events in North Yankton Stories

Hocker has arrived in Ludendorff, North Yankton to build a chemical plant. Hocker has a habit of collecting valuable vehicles, so he hires a local gang, Drebin Family, to steal them for him during his stay. For a such a secluding city, Ludendorff has surprisingly many rare vehicles.

Tommy Bell, a friend of the gang and its leader Daniel Drebin, helps them to steal one of these vehicles. Seeing Bell's skills, Hocker takes him along the group. He also gives Tommy a few extra errands that include killing unpleasent former employies of his.

After Hocker has enough vehicles in his collection, he tries to get away paying by putting Tommy and Drebins against each other. Hocker tells Tommy that Daniel's been wearing a wire during all of their meetings and vice versa. Tommy heads to kill his friend and Daniel sets up his best men to protect him. The truth is eventually revealed, and Tommy swears revenge on Hocker.

Hocker says he's already out of town, but in reality he's hiding in the plant. Tommy destorys all the cars he and Daniel have stole for him and then attacks the plant, chasing Hocker through the building and eventually killing the wise-cracking businessman on the roof.

Aftermath, Weasel News report the death of Hocker and that his company has been sold for the government by Hocker's son.

Mission Appearances

North Yankton Stories