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When the Polski Grotti Brioso XL was rendered obsolete in 1978, the team at Hasar set out to supplant it with a more modern version, on behalf of Grotti. This one appears to have the engine from a Vanter Odyssey, the platform from a Brioso XL, and the gearbox from an old Grotti Brioso, all combined under a new body by Hasar. This is the Fermunto. Produced in Warsaw, it features outstanding performance for its class and engine size, but it was completely unreliable and cheaply made until the 2nd generation came about in 1991, when Hasar partnered with Declasse. Since then, the quality and price of the Fermunto began to increase until it was on par with at least the Vulcan Ingot. When production ended in 2003, the Fermunto became a living legend for its multiple purposebuilt designs. Today, you too can enjoy driving a legend of a car that survived the Collapse of the USSR.
―Nexus Motors Description

The Hasar Fermunto is a large family car of various body types introduced in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Living and Grand Theft Auto: Nexus City.


The design of the Fermunto bears a resemblance to the FSO Polonez, with the interior being taken from the Daewoo LeMans for the 3rd Generation models.


The Fermunto comes with a Vanter S14 2.0L Inline-4 for the standard model producing 153bhp and driving the rear wheels. Despite having 153bhp, it accelerates quite slowly, but has a quite decent top speed for its class (220km/h). The 6-speed manual gearbox wasn't designed to handle extreme driving, and as such, the Fermunto is only intended to be an affordable city car.

The Fermunto GT, being a tuned version of the Fermunto Caro, features a Vulcan R-29 2.5L Inline-5 from a Vulcan Ingot, producing around 250bhp and increasing the top speed to an electronically-limited 260km/h, this time with the power being sent to all four wheels (35% FWD, 65% RWD). This Fermunto features an 8-speed Dual Clutch gearbox from a Pfister Comet and as a result it is capable of accomplishing feats that the normal Fermunto was incapable of due to its weak gearbox.

The Hasar Fermunto Union features Nioka's GT-0104 VR6 Biturbo engine as a generator for the electric battery and drivetrain. The engine has 830 horsepower (618.9kW), and it has a maximum speed of 339km/h. This time, the drivetrain is Individual-Wheel Drive, with power being sent to all 4 wheels individually of one another, allowing for it to switch between rear-wheel, front-wheel and all-wheel drive modes, depending on the situation. This drivetrain is seen mostly on full-electric cars, but not on hybrids of this sort. Similarly to the Coil Raiden P100D, acceleration is incredibly fast, getting from 0-100 in exactly 3 seconds. Being technically electric with a gasoline-powered generator, the Fermunto Union has no gearbox.

Notable Owners

  • Volodymyr Rosenthal owns a modified black 2000 Hasar Fermunto Analog with an Übermacht UV-8 5.7L V8 engine producing 902bhp.