Kyriakos Papadopoulos

Kyriakos Papadopoulos, the DJ of the station

Feta Cheese FM is a radio station in Grand Theft Auto, it's first seen in When Gangsters Attack.

The DJ of the station is Kyriakos Papadopoulos, a Greek Footballer who plays as CB for Schalke 04.


It plays foreign songs regardless of genre

Song 1: El Chombo (Panamanian) - Chacarron Macarron

Song 2: Vengaboys (Dutch) - We Like To Party

Song 3: Kalmah (Finnish) - They Will Return

Song 4: PSY (South Korean) - Icecream

Song 5: Manu Chao (Spanish/French) - Rainin In Paradize

Song 6: Locomondo (Greek) - Den Kanei Kryo Stin Ellada

Song 7: Thomas Bangalter (French) - Outrun (Also featured in Midnight Club 2)

Song 8: Locomondo (Greek) - Trendy

Song 9: Scooter (German) - Fire

Song 10: Daft Punk (French) - Get Lucky

Song 11: Gunther (Swedish) - Ding Dong Song


This radio station is possibly a successor to Radio Del Mundo and Radio Espantoso

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