"What the fuck?"

-Declan Barge, moments from being freed

Fight For Flight is the introductory mission of GTA:TH.


Declan Barge is a fugitive being moved overseas to Broker, Liberty City by boat. Escorted by 2 Coast Gaurd Predators and a rubber tender, the small police transport ship and company comes under attack by The Cartel, with a fleet of Jet Skis, motorboats, and a hijacked frigate, the USS Tide. The Predators are destroyed, one sinks and the other explodes after being hit by the Tide's 78mm anti-boat gun. As the transport ship's crew engages in a desperate firefight, a torpedo fired by the Tide punctures the police ship's hull sinking it. A fleet of Jet Skis encircle the remaining tender, and everyone on the tender is gunned down. The Tide destroys the bridge and the pilothouse of the transport. Meanwhile, a motorboat arrives next to the transport's hull and drills a hole with a minigun. Behind the hole is one Declan Barge, Declan clambers above the boat just as police choppers and boats, plus a Coast Guard skimmer arrives. Repeated shots kill all but two on Declan's boat: Declan and a Cartel deputy, Juan Ferdinez. As the USS Tide engages in a firefight with the skimmer, the Cartel Strike Force, with Declan's damaged boat at the back, flees and is engaged by Enforcers on land.


  • Board the Motorboat.
  • Go to the Minigun
  • Fire at the chasing police boats.
  • Abandon the boat
  • Shoot it out with SWAT
  • Hijack an Enforcer
  • Drive to the Cartel Safehouse.


Conditions Of Failure

  • Wasted
  • Busted
  • Motorboat Explosion
  • Unable to get out of the police transport in time


  • 1 Baseball Bat
  • 1 Glock 22
  • None
  • New Safehouse: Cartel Hideaway

Unlocks/Unlocked By

  • Unlocks: Sunday Drive
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