Flaws of Power is an upcoming collection of fanfiction stories set in the GTA Universe written by Roosevelt the Hunter. They are to concern the lives of various characters in Livingston D.C. between the years of the HD universe, with the themes of crime and politics often intertwining.


Amidst the criminal activity taking place in the major cities beyond it, Livingston D.C. remained in no better condition. Embroiled in heinous crimes, corruption, and deception from the highest seats of power. While the city’s day-to-day operations are often times dictated through sensational turns of events and sometimes brutal policy, the facade of an often flawed but cooperative government is always upheld by the media. Occasionally dubbed “Murder Capital of America” it is just as vulnerable as its metropolitan counterparts, except with so much more on the line...


Major Characters

William “Bill” Huffman : A leading Democratic congressman from New Hampshire who seeks to take his political career to the top.

Thomas Walker: The Chief of Staff to Congressman Bill Huffman.

Spiro Castello: A staff assistant loyal to Bill Huffman.

Joe Lawton: The Republican President as of 2005 who hopes to leave a legacy while battling with moral and personal decisions.

Wallace Fordham: The ruthless Republican Vice-President as of 2005, former Joint Chief of Staff.

Marcy Raines: National Security Advisor under Joe Lawon.

Rachel Garner: Personal-aide to President Joe Lawton.

Robert Edmonds: A Democratic congressman from Colorado who’s often an accomplice to Bill’s machinitions.

Lawrence Simmons: An ambitious Democratic Senator from California.

Minor Characters

Thomas Stubbs: A crooked Republican congressman from New York who collaborated with Bill Huffman in the past.

Devin Weston: An influential billionaire from Los Santos and adversary of Bill Huffman.

Donald Percival: The founder of Merryweather Security who lobbies Congress to allow the company to operate on U.S. soil.

George S. Lawton: Former president and father of Joe Lawton.

Upcoming Stories

Coming Soon!


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