Shawn: "Here is the plan everyone, James Gary and David gonna go into the bank. Gary and James will control the crowd while David will need to destroy all the cameras by shooting it. Don't even leave ONE,David will plant the C4 and explode the safe. Take the money and eveyone get out fast,Harry will bring the Gauntlet and get out of the police sight. Understand?"

The Others: "Yes!"

-Shawn explaining the heist

Fleeca Heist(Sundale City) is the 19th mission and also the first heist of Grand Theft Auto: Lost Memory planned by Gary Mackson.

Location: Callock Safehouse,Duin,Sundale City

For: Gary Mackson

Rewards: $10000 - $16000(Potentional)

Unlocks: Grand Theft Madness! and Desert War

Unlock by: Gauntlet (Mission)


David go into Callock Safehouse and see the other waiting for him. The heist start after Shawn has explained the plan.


David and the other three,go to Seaside Highway and stop in front of the Fleeca Bank. David, James and Gary burst in and control the crowds. David need to destroy each camera,don't miss even one!After all camera is destroyed,go to the safe and plant the C4 to open it. After it explode,go into the safe and take as many money you could but the police is out there so taking more money take a few more minutes. After David finish packing the money,the trio go back the Gauntlet and try to lose the police. Shoot the police to slow them down. After the heat cooled down,go back to Callock Safehouse,Shawn seem happy and take his cut,the same as other. Gary now could pay the triads meaning they could return to Luken, James leaves and looking forward to see David in San Andreas. The mission completed after Harry left.


  • You have arrived in front of the back,go in with the others.
  • Control the crowds.
  • Destroy all camera.
  • Plant the bomb.
  • Take as much many as you can.
  • Go back the car.
  • Shoot the police and protect the car.
  • Go back to Callock Safehouse.


The robbery is reported in the news and the next mission is unlocked.


  • Actually,The player could use other explosive to open the safe but the cutscene will still show the C4 explode and open the safe. Also,if a player do not have a C4,there will be one in the player inventory.
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