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For Peace
For: "Posh" Ian Genoverse
Location: Route 71, Johnston County
Target: Ian Genoverse
Conditions of mission failure: Wasted
Ian is killed before reaching the destination
Reward: None
Unlocks: The Lost Pick
Unlocked by: Out of the Frying Pan

For Peace is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: New Leaf given by "Posh" Ian Genoverse to Tristan Kirby.


Tristan meets with Ian on Route 71 who has relapsed and is having Tramadol withdrawals. As result he is paranoid that the Japanese bikers want to kill him and orders Tristan to eliminate the Kazeraidas first. Tristan questions his orders and as result as a gun pulled him as Ian scolds him for talking back him and claiming that Tristan has been ungrateful despite the fact that have kept Caroline away from him. Tristan agrees to kill the bikers and leaves the area.

Tristan calls Isaac to tell him of Ian's request and Isaac tells him to belay his order and questions whether or not if he thinks Ian is competent to which Tristan tells him that he thinks that Ian has become a liability. Isaac agrees with his assessment and orders him to take Ian outback and take care of him.

Tristan picks up Ian and tells him that that Isaac wants to meet him at an area a couple kilometres away and takes him to scheduled area and tells him to hope and leave his weapons behind as Isaac might get insulted. After reaching some bushes; Tristan kills Ian and leaves his body as he takes the car and leaves the area.


  • Contact Isaac.
  • Get a car.
  • Pick up Ian.
  • Go to the Scheduled area.
  • Lead the Ian over to the bushes.
  • Kill Ian Genoverse.
  • Leave the area.


  • Ian Genoverse - Murdered by Tristan on orders of Isaac for nearly causing a war with the Kazeraida bikers and for becoming a liability.


No monetary reward is given for the completion of this mission and Ian is deleted from Tristan's contact list on his phone. The mission The Lost Pick is unlocked after completing this mission and Visiting Hours.