Left Quotation Mark Nero
You keep chompin' dem clam bits, I'll get the Stoozy boys to roll up on you. I'll leave you halfway up mainstream with your pants around your ankles and a lollipop in your mouth!
Right Quotation Mark Nero
Freddy Slater
Frederick Slater
Appearance(s): The After Dark Scene
Also known as: Footlong
Status: Determinant
Gender: M
Date of birth: May 4, 1964
Place of birth: London, England
Nationality: Scouse
Main affiliation: Tijs Bergling
Vehicle(s): Dignity, Praecedo
Businesses: Pornography
Voiced by: Andrew Lincoln
Frederick Slater, also known as "Footlong", is a character in The After Dark Scene. He is in the pornographic industry as a director and producer of illicit movies, and used this leverage to enter the United States. Tijs Bergling is under his employment and works as an actor and money man.

Stoozy Boys

In 1995, Frederick organized the Stoozy Brothers and they began working in the Las Venturas vice scene. Freddy’s leadership led to the acquisition of numerous properties around the area. The gang expanded and is now a dominant force in underground organized crime. The Stoozy Boys are a young, confident, and dangerous group. They lovingly modify all their cars to the same high specifications, getting exports through a private car dealer. The Stoozy boys was a newcomer to the San Andreas gang scene, but it is quickly making its mark. Their rivals may soon find that Las Venturas’ underworld belongs in the hands of a new younger generation.


"You keep talkin' to me like that, you keep yappin' off at the nannas, you'll see what happens."
―Said to Tijs
"Fuck you, bugger off!"
―Said to Jackie
"I'll come over bright and early and do groundwork in your bathroom!"
―Said to Armin
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