LSPD Officer Storyline Characters

Office of Operations
Warren Division
Police Officer III Matthew Wade - Boot’s field training officer. He, instead of treating Boot poorly and constantly hazing him/her like other LSPD field training officers, discusses tactics, gives hypothetical tactical scenarios, and teaches the essentials of being a good officer. He forms a good relationship with Boot, and they remain friends throughout the storyline.
Office of Special Operations
Warren Area

Los Santos Police Department Storyline

The protagonist, fresh out of the academy, arrives at the Warren Area Station for his/her first day of work. While gearing up in the locker room, the protagonist is hazed and called “Boot” (meaning inexperienced officer) by several more experienced officers. After roll call and readying up the patrol car, Boot and his/her field training officer, Police Officer III Matthew Wade, leave the station for patrol.

Towards the end of Boot’s first day of patrol, he/she and Wade assist in the execution of a Gang and Narcotics Division search warrant. Two narcotics detectives armed with Benelli M4 NFA Tactical shotguns enter the target house, along with four patrol officers. Four other officers are on the perimeter, including Wade and Boot.

During the execution of the warrant, a man dives from a window, desperately trying to escape. Alone on that side of the house, Boot tries to apprehend the man only to be struck in the temple. Adrenaline pumping, Boot throws his/her assailant to the ground and elbows him in the face twice, incapacitating him.