Gang Wars
Reward: Weapons in Safehouse
Unlocks: Final Task
Unlocked by: Know Your Enemy

Gang Wars is side mission King of The Hill. 25 out of 50 of them must be completed to unlock the final storyline mission; Final Task.


To start a Gang War, the player must get to a designated start point and then complete the objectives.

By completing an increasing number of Gang Wars, the number of enemies you have to fight increases, and their weapons get stronger as well. The more gang wars that you complete the more things you will have to look out for e.g.: more attention from cops and enemies using deadly weapons like explosives.


Protecting an asset

One of Miklos Lipton gang's assets is under attack and must be protected from 5 waves of enemies.


These missions require the player to ambush an enemy convoy, kill all the enemies and destroy their vehicle.


The enemies have taken over an area that belongs to Lipton gang, and the player must reclaim it by stealthily killing all the patrolling enemies and without being seen.



Completing a Gang War earns money and raises Miklos' strenght.

Completing numbers of Gang Wars will reward Miklos with weapons which will spawn at Vespucci Beach safehouse or Sandy Shores safehouse.

  • 10 Gang Wars: A Micro-SMG spawns.
  • 20 Gang Wars: A Sawn-off Shotgun spawns.
  • 25 Gang Wars: Final storyline mission is unlocked.
  • 30 Gang Wars: A Carbine Rifle spawns.
  • 40 Gang Wars: A bulletproof vest spawns.
  • All 50 Gang Wars: A Minigun spawns.


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