Gary Bane
Gary Bane
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto: Danger Zone
Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Date of birth: 1962 (Aged 37)
Place of birth: New Hamilton City
Date of death: N/A
Home: New Hamilton City
Nationality: American
Family: Samantha Bane (wife)
Main affiliation: New Hamilton City Police Department
Businesses: Chief Of Police
"I hate stereotypes. I mean, people think cops eat doughnuts! I hate doughnuts!"
―Gary Bane
Chief of Police Gary Bane is the chief of the New Hamilton City Police Department in Grand Theft Auto: Danger Zone. Even though he only appears in the media, he is mentioned frequently and plays a big part in the main story.


He was born in 1962 in New Hamilton City. Gary and the area in which he lived was heavily affected by crime. This had a huge effect on Gary's upbringing and life, prompting him to join the New Hamilton City Police Department in 1986. Not much is known about Gary's life as an officer, except he was very corrupt, and rose up the ranks until he became the chief of police in 1998. Under Gary, the HCPD became more corrupt than ever.

Events Of Danger Zone

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