Shawn: "Go steal some Gauntlets at Workout Autos. They should sell some great cars"

David: "Gauntlets?Why you don't just buy it?"

Shawn: "What are you think?That the most bullshit things I heard!Which criminal bought a car for an heist!We ain't roll like that. Deliver it at my garage in Callock,call me when done"

- David and Shawn during the phonecall

Gauntlet(Mission) is the 18th mission of Grand Theft Auto: Lost Memory which is an heist setup for Fleeca Heist (Sundale City).

Location: Workout Autos, Duin, Sundale City.

For: Shawn Fest

Rewards: N/A

Unlock by: The Game Plan

Unlock: Fleeca Heist (Sundale City)

Mission Description

After the phonecall,the mission will start at Workout Autos. Steal a Gauntlet and deliver it to Callock Safehouse owns by Shawn.


You need to go in and steal a Gauntlet,watch out for guards that pratolling the area. Sneak pass through them and quickly hotwired the gauntlet. A guard spot you,quickly run over him. You will get 3 star wanted level,lose it first and deliver it to Callock Safehouse. Call Shawn and the mission is completed.

Mission Objectives

  • Go steal a Gauntlet,watch out for the guards.
  • Hotwired the Gauntlet.
  • Get out from Workout Autos.
  • Lose the cops.
  • Deliver the car to the Callock Safehouse.


The stealing of the car will appear in the news and the heist will be unlock.

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