Gerrald Bell
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto: Danger Zone
Also known as: Gerry


Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Date of birth: 1968(Aged 31)
Place of birth: Carcer City
Date of death: N/A
Home: North Hamilton , New Hamilton City (Formerly)

Falcon Island , New Hamilton City

Nationality: American
Family: Unnamed wife
Main affiliation: Randall Jones (Formerly)

Tommy Montana
Montana Gang

Vehicle(s): Tornado
Businesses: Lawyer
"My life is fucked my boy, FUCKED! Your old boss is threating to chop my balls off, my wife wants a divorce and my business is reduced to SHIT!!"

Gerrald Bell is a character in Grand Theft Auto: Danger Zone


Gerrald was born in 1968 in Carcer City. Unlike most of Danger Zone's characters, Gerrald lived a mostly normal life, however he was picked on in his school years, and would eventually become addicted to drugs in his teenage years.

In 1990, after being kicked out of law school for using drugs, Gerrald got married and moved to New Hamilton City. Despite not fully finishing law school, he founded his own firm, Bell Lawyers & Co. in 1995. 

Bell Lawyers & Co. was used for many illegal activities from the start. The first case and person Gerrald represented was Mathias Roch, a French illegal immigrant hoping to get illegal stay. He also represented Antonelli Family made man Joey Giovanni, and more importantly Randall Jones, the leader of the Jones Crime Family

In 1996, Gerrald entered rehab and succesfully quit drugs. However everything else in his life is falling apart. His wife wants a divorce, for undisclosed reasons, Mathias Roch has begun threatening to kill him if he gets deported and the New Hamilton City Police Department has begun looking into his law firm, believing it to be corrupt. As Gerrald was a suspected of witness and evidence tampering since 1997.

He can be seen a humorous character amongst Danger Zone's dark and gritty story.

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