Getting to Know Each Other is the first mission in Grand Theft Auto: The Vinewood Chronicles given to protagonist Marcus Dwayne by Ned Doyle.


Several months after the Prologue, Marcus Dwayne is approached by lawyer Ned Doyle. Upon leaving the courthouse Marcus complains about not having a place to stay as his house was reposed during his sentence. Ned agrees to help Marcus out if he does something for him.

Marcus then drives Ned to his office where Ned explains that he was once with the cops, but turned on them when he secretly robbed a bank they were protecting. In order to cover his tracks, Ned resigned early and begin plotting heists going through several crews in the process. Ned says, however he can be a big help to Marcus if he assists him.

Ned tells him to go to the office of Ned's rival Jeff Nolan. Ned plans to take him out as Nolan has not lost one case the whole year. Ned, however tells Marcus to be careful, as Jeff has heavy guards and the best approach would be at night. Marcus then goes to the office where Jeff is in the main room with heavy guards.

Marcus must sneak in and take out all the guards stealthily (as Marcus is unarmed, making all physical combat resulting in death). Marcus then sneaks into an office and knocks Jeff out. Marcus calls Ned saying Jeff is out and Ned tells Marcus to get rid of his body.

Marcus then drives to the outlet river and dumps Jeff's unconscious body. Ned tells Marcus he has sent him a gps to his new home marked with a house icon. Marcus goes to his new home and sleeps in a way he hadn't in months.

Mission Objectives

Drive Ned to his office. Enter the office. Drive to Nolan's office. Get to the top room. Take out the guards. Drive to the outlet. Go to Marcus' house.

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