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Grand Theft Auto: Coastal Wars is a game developed by Rockstar and published in May 10, 20XX for PC and consoles.

It was teased May 30, 20XX, then officially announced on December 8, 20XX.

Grand Theft Auto: Coastal Wars takes place between the 1980's and the 2010's, spanning across several states of the GTA universe, including Slater Island, Villalobos, Coronado, and many never-before-explored areas. Like previous GTA titles, you don't play as just one protagonist.



The handling of vehicles changes over the times, as well as car models. See: Coastal Wars: Vehicles


As times go on, many businesses will start and end, occasionally by your hands. See: Coastal Wars: Businesses


Weapon models will change over the many years this game takes place. See: Coastal Wars: Weaponry


All locations have different states of time of which you can visit. For example, if you travel from 1990's Liberty, you can travel anywhere else, but only in that time. See: Coastal Wars: Locations



Rockstar confirmed that states seen before in previous GTA titles (Liberty and San Andreas), as well as newer states, will be appearing in the new game.

Characters and Premise


Richard Truman is a part of a gang of five heisters. By 1984, they will have robbed a container ship, stealing a total of $898,000 worth of goods. By 1985, they will be the most wanted men in the US.

Play as Richard Truman and his heisters before retirement.


The Colombian mob grows more and more by the day. By 1991, they gained control of Coronado. By 1992, the entirety of the Southern states are under their control. By 1995, no other criminal empire will compare to the Colombians.

Play as Ronald Jackson, a member of the Colombian mob.

2000's Onward

After a botched robbery, Ronald Jackson has been hospitalized and Richard Truman is being hunted by the Colombian mob. The only way to stop them is to decimate the Colombian mob. He'll need to call in some old friends and make some newer friends...

Take down the Colombian mob as Richard Truman and his allies.

For the full list of characters, see Grand Theft Auto: Coastal Wars: Characters.

For the full list of missions, see Grand Theft Auto: Coastal Wars: Missions.



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