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Grand Theft Auto: Crime And Punishment is a Rockstar North videogame which was released on February 4th, 2020 for PS4, Xbox One and PC

This game was real revolutionary for all of Grand Theft Auto series, because in this game you should play like a cop in New Champagne and fight crime, going beyond the law

Crime and Punishment is set in two timelines: 1991 and 2002 years. This two parts tells a story of evolution of protagonist Frank Harris from simple police officer to Commissar of Police Department and people's hero who earned his confession by killing criminals and ruthless headhunting of crime bosses



Whole game the protagonist drives his police car, but in the 3rd chapter he can drive the Vigilante. But this is the first GTA title where player can change his personal vehicle if he mark the vehicle he like and this car will spawn in front of his house when you load the game. In settings you can on/off speedometer and on/off speed limiter like in Mafia. Also you can add nitro to your car and make it faster


Legal businesses don't exist at this game, but you can cover alcohol, drug and gun traders and get earnings for trader's loyalty. Traders can be your ears and eyes in city and report about crimes in front of their stores. You also can complete business missions like in GTA: Vice City and upgrade your startup.

Vigilante missions

Vigilante mechanics like police computer came from GTA IV. For 100% progress in the game you need complete all of 19 missions, also known as "Street deals".


Interrogations came to this game from other Rockstar project - L. A. Noire, but little bit more upgraded. Player should talk to human and understand that he lying or tell truth. To shorten the time, system of searching evidences has been deleted from the game. If player can't knock out information from interlocutor, he can use rude force and make him talk


Ammu-Nation opens only in 3rd chapter, before that you can get your gun legally if you came to armourer Steve. In 2nd chapter Steve starts sells to you more serious guns like Carabine, Sniper Rifle, and if you will come to him after storyline you can buy Rocket Gun from helicopter. You can costumize your guns whatever you want, adding to them scopes, additional barrels, turn pistols into mini-machine gun.


This is the game where you influence the storyline. You can choose the phrases in dialogues and it will make sense. You can rob and kill your rats in criminal organizations, make deals with crime families and make choose who will die and who will live. Of course players appreciate playing the scumbag Frank and kill everyone in the end to be the commissar of Police, or be the Punisher in the GTA world and kill crimes without police token and It depends on the free game too


Multiplayer has 128 players on one server now and now they part on policemans and crimes. Crimes do the special quests and policemans create to interfere in crime deals and make them arrest. Policemans also can do the work, preventing the bot crimes and arrest leaders of criminal. Different servers have different storylines, but often crimes rule the servers and complete online story quests




Frank Harris - double-dyed corrupted cop in New Champagne. Narcissistic, arrogant, vindictive and uncompromising. Frank was born in 1964 in the family of an Irish businessman, where he always lived in abundance, and was also a bully at school, was late for lessons, fought and went on dates with beauties. At the age of 27, he got a job in the Police Department, where he built himself a brilliant career due to his determination, ingenuity and willpower. Already in the very first years of service, Harris became disillusioned with the law and realized that it is not always possible to achieve justice by legal means and sometimes it is necessary to get your hands dirty. Main protagonist of game

Joseph Jarmush - close friend and Frank's partner on job. His first appearance was in the second chapter, where he helps Frank to disentangle crime cases and killing criminals. Frank thought Joseph is like him and treated him warmly, but Joseph worked for Cosa nostra and businessman Donald Ford and give Frank's case to the police to imprison him. Joseph was killed by black street gangsters by order of Frank. Devteragonist and secondary antagonist of the game

Holy Father Isaac - the rector of the synagogue and a former member of the Jewish mob, who is saved from debts by Frank by killing all his offenders. Frank's main informer, who helps Frank to catch criminals, but he himself is not averse to taking up arms again. Tertiary protagonist of the game

Peggy - prostitute which saved by Frank from Haitian gangsters. Works on her gigolo Big Flappa, but Frank freed Peggy and gave her normal life. Killed by Haitians on her own wedding

John Garret - ex-soldier of aviation and husband of Peggy. After wedding came to the hospital and swore revenge on himself. Sometimes he gave Frank some quests, sometimes he went with Harris to kill his offenders. Frank's friend and Tertiary protagonist

Vito Bordgini - Frank's friend from army and vice-chef of Harris's strike force. After army Vito works in Bottichelli's crime family like caporegime, but Bottichelli betrayed him and Frank invites him to take up the old. With Vito Frank creates illegal police strike force which doesn't limited by law. Closest Frank's friend which staying with him in both of two endings.

Petrovich - Frank's main informer and good friend. In 1995 Frank saved his life from Albanian mafia and then Petrovich helps Harris to catch East-european crime organizations. Killed by bandits of Donald Ford, but player can save him if he will do everything without delay and get out of the warehouse


Donald Ford - businessman and leader of Donald Ford Enterprises. His gang responsible for many robberies throughout America, also he is a guntrader and drug dealer. Last hiw big deal is Union Depostory score. Killed by Frank in his own hospital ward. Main antagonist of 2nd and 3rd chapter

Chao Ming (also known as Mister Ming) - head of Chinese triads in New Champagne. Was implicated in grand theft auto, but escaped from punishment. Frank's main goal in first years of his career - catch Ming and Triads, but Ming have in his direction many politics and cops, so Frank decided to kill Ming, because he didn't want to Ming run away from justice again. Main antagonist of 1st chapter

Diego Lopez - leader of latin american Marabunta Syndicate, main enemy of Holy Father Isaac. Diego's organization was seriously damaged by Frank, but Lopez didn't appear in the game in his physical form too much. Killed by John Garret and Frank Harris. Secondary antagonist of the game

Patrick Munk - Frank's O. C. and commissar of New Champagne Police Department. All the game tells his disaffection of protagonist's actions and threatens to fire him, but Frank blackmails the Commissar into being at work. Killed by Strike force when Munk sends people to kill Harris. Tertiary antagonist of the game

Carlito Jentile - important person of Italian mafia and head of Jentile's crime family in Cosa nostra. He meets Frank the time Harris killed friend of Jentile's family and requires compensation - 500 thousand dollars, but Frank killed him in the chemical fabric.